Given the false accusations and slanders that are made about the operation of Magma Club, we want to expose the following:

-It is TOTALLY FALSE that the security forces sanctioned clients within our premises.

The operation of Magma Club will remain the same that during all these years, respecting the rules of conduct and the neighborhood rest; Assuming non-compliance with these principles of social conduct, immediate and permanent expulsion from the premises, and to monitor said compliance, the company has its own team of sworn security guards.

-Corporate Social Responsibility policies will be implemented in order to help maintain and improve the sustainability of the environment, rewarding all those who contribute.

-Any person who, being on public roads, performs any type of inoffensive activity such as “botellón”, causing altercations, or disturbing those who reside in the surroundings, will be denied access, and we will cooperate with the security forces in all those tasks that are required of us to guarantee good social conduct.

Respect the environment. There is only one world and it is not yours, it belongs to everyone.

Att. The Magma Club team

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